Chicago Police Facility Draws Comparisons to CIA Black Sites

Trampling over detainees’ Constitutional rights isn’t just for terrorism suspects anymore. According to a report by Spencer Ackerman in the Guardian on the awful conditions at Chicago’s Homan Square, the city’s police department has been using the warehouse facility to … Continued

Saudi Arabia is America’s Worst Ally

Photo: This guy funds terrorists? Prince al-Waleed bin Talal in typical asshole outfit Accusations of funding terrorism are nothing new to the Saudi kingdom, but a recent set of allegations is receiving extra attention due to its unusual source: French-born … Continued

French Harass Kids’ Speech to Defend Free Speech

Just weeks after the free-speech loving citizens of the world declared “Je suis Charlie” in response to the Charlie Hebdo killings, the French government has put forth a somewhat more Orwellian message: “You better be Charlie, or else.” They’ve gone … Continued

OJ’s Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Denies Teen Rape Claims

Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law Professor known for his impassioned defense of controversial clients, has been put on the defensive himself after being accused of raping an underage girl. A recent court filing alleges his former client, hedge-fund manager and … Continued

Lassana Bethily, Parisian Hero

Lassana Bethily, a Muslim man from Mali, saved the lives of at least six people during Friday’s attack on Hyper Cacher, a kosher supermarket in Paris. During the mayhem, the 24-year-old store clerk ushered the terrified patrons to safety by … Continued