MARK CHRISTOPHER on 54: The Director’s Cut

Remember 54, the fictionalized look at Studio 54 that came out in 1998 and was filled with cream o’ the crop 90s stars like Neve Campbell, Ryan Phillippe, and Breckin Meyer? The film was universally panned—but it also wasn’t what … Continued

Guide to the 2015 Berlinale

The 65th Berlinale is upon us, and even though this year’s opener, Nobody Wants the Night—a Juliette Binoche-powered drama set in 1908 Greenland—isn’t as hyped as last year’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, there’s still plenty to get worked up over. Anyone hell-bent … Continued

Actor Amy Seimetz on How Death Made Directing Seem Easy

Amy Seimetz has been pretty busy—she’s Chris O’Dowd’s love interest on the Christopher Guest/HBO series Family Tree, recently co-starred in Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, and has numerous other projects on the horizon. But she’s still managed to crank out her first narrative feature, Sun … Continued

Director Carter on ‘Maladies’ & Making Art With James Franco

Carter’s abstruse new feature, Maladies, in which the multi-hyphenate James Franco plays a mentally ill thespian named (surprise) James, reunites the actor and the mononymic artist in their first film project since 2009’s quasi-meta-doc Erased James Franco. A bold addition to the Franco’s-Reflections-on-Franco … Continued