Me & You: The Softer Side of Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie is grown. Our exclusive premier of “Me & You,” her self-directed debut vid off the Oakland native’s freshly dropped Young B!tch, marks a transition from ratchet twenty-something to something else entirely, something sensitive. “People like that Drake shit,” … Continued

Meet ASTR, Pop Stars From The Future

Photo Kaitlin Christy New York’s newest hip pop fusion duo ASTR sold out Los Angeles’ Troubador last Saturday. During a Drake cover, Zoe Silverman, lead girl, leapt onto the stage right speaker, before grinding the air in a white leather … Continued

Chief Keef is Now an Editor/Curator

Saturday saw the launch of The Frank Book Chapter 58: FRANKSOSA, a zine curated by Chief Keef and put out by Frank 151. It was a madhouse. Approaching the Seventh Letter Gallery located in the heart of the Arts District … Continued

La Femme Is the Quintessential Parisian Band

La Femme is aloof, effortlessly cool, and shrouded in a plume of existentialist Gauloises smoke. In other words, they’re Parisian. Their alluring blend of haunted surf pop and an attitude reviving rock’s wild forgotten days has rocketed them to the … Continued