Meet 7 Emerging Designers Who Are Re-imagining Fashion

  CLARA JUNGMAN MALMQUIST Clara Jungman Malmquist is a third-year student at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The models who walked the runway in her debut collection—ornate and feminine creations with pops of gleeful color—were adorned with bright moustaches and eyebrows. … Continued

Speeding Bulletts: Nosaj Thing

Jason Chung’s interest in music started at the tender age of 10. “I would save up as much as I could, not eat lunch, and just buy records,” he says. With the help of Napster, which granted him unlimited access to music before it was shut down … Continued

The Great White Wipe: Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari Explain ‘Toilet Paper’

In late 2010, Maurizio Cattelan, the ribald, “post-Duchampian” artist from whose satirical crosshairs nothing—from the Guggenheim to the Pope—is safe, joined forces with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari to create Toilet Paper, a magazine devoid of text and devoted to uncomfortable, uncanny, and surreal images. Each issue of Toilet Paper, a … Continued

Smart Reads: Thanksgiving Edition

Today in culture: Kinky food, Thanksgiving-related food, and Napster. Alison Bechdel posts the whole of “Rising Damp”, about her stay in London. How to make invisible ink, as well as a history of spycraft: “Invisible ink involves any acid which … Continued

Love Issues: A Conversation with Joe Wright

Joe Wright, the director behind last year’s Hanna, Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Atonement (2007), has taken criticism for his latest, most ambitious project yet: a Keira Knightley-starred adaptation of Anna Karenina set in the quite literal context of a stage, with … Continued

Smart Reads: Victory Edition

Today in culture: Four more years. The election, in pictures. The election outcome, in liberal victories. -The election outcome, in overall awesomeness: “For now, let’s take the measure of what has happened, which is historic enough. For the fifth time … Continued

Smart Reads: Queer YouTube, Political Sandy

Today in culture: queering YouTube, explaining Sandy, illustrating communism. -The queer stars of YouTube: “[Blogging platforms] can be dissatisfying for adolescents, who frequently have so much to say yet feel like they have no voice—particularly queer ones, whose voices typically aren’t … Continued

4 Emerging Designers Who Are the Future of Fashion

LUCAS LECLÈRE London-based womenswear designer Lucas Leclère, who hails from Burgundy, France, graduated this year from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. During Paris Couture Week in July, he premiered his first collection, of which he says, “It’s a French take on revolution and Britannia, inspired by the … Continued