Getting Cliterate with Conceptual Artist Sophia Wallace

Sophia Wallace’s crusade against the marginalization of female sexual pleasure has unequivocally gained momentum since CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws—her mixed media project targeted at dispelling archaic beliefs about female sexual anatomy and educating people about its misrepresentation in visual culture … Continued

Meet the Model With the Longest Legs in America

Producer: Jake Freeman Photography: Will Foster Styling: Amber Wavvves What do you get when a 20-year-old student/model with the longest legs in America sits down to chat with a comedian that has the tallest hair in America? First off, one of them … Continued

You’re Invited: A NYFW Presentation

You and a guest* are cordially invited to “Aesthetika,” the debut collection from rising Area 51-based designer Greg Mania. Mania’s antithetical approach to fashion and presentation has caught the attention of several reputable publications including New York Magazine, who referred … Continued

Expedite Your Status As a True New Yorker

Depending on whom you ask, some people will tell you that the only true New Yorkers are the ones born here. Others place a ten year minimum of living here to constitute as one. It’s an argument we’ll probably never … Continued

I Might Vote for Donald Trump If…

Today, Donald Trump announced his bid for the 2016 presidential election. I was very disappointed he didn’t officially announce it by lip-syncing a performance to Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” and instead chose the boring press conference route. If there’s … Continued

The Guide to Taking Advantage of Mercury Retrograde

Many fear a period in the astrological forecast known as Mercury Retrograde: a time notorious for failing technology, emotional turbulence and things in general going haywire. Scientifically, Mercury Retrograde is when the planet itself looks like it’s going backwards in … Continued

She’s Back: Róisín Murphy’s Pop Coup

Rejecting limitations with a momentum similar to X-Men’s Unstoppable Juggernaut, Róisín Murphy earned her ticket to show business notoriety by blending over-the-top regalia with her own boundless musical recipe—one that ignores genre restraints. The Irish singer-songwriter has become notorious for injecting … Continued

8 Things You HAVE to Check Out at Coachella This Year

This past weekend’s turn out (and up, duh!) at Coachella was bigger than ever. In addition to a star-studded line-up of the coolest bands ever, a slew of very new, very fun activities were added this year. We’ve created an exclusive recap for you; Don’t miss … Continued

What is a, ‘Boop?’

I’m open about my status as a pariah in the gay community. One time I went to Fire Island and word got out that I’ve never owned a jockstrap, so everyone paper-cut me with brunch coupons. My ticket to pariah … Continued

The BULLETT Guide to Modern Dating in NYC

It’s no secret that mobile dating apps and astrological compatibility fuel the dating scene in New York City. Have no fear because as a dating expert, I, Greg Mania, will guide you through taking the juiciest bite out of the … Continued