Eulogy by Ben Barna

Here’s what I’ll remember most about working at BULLETT: Idil Tabanca, Sah D’Simone, James Orlando, Nick Haramis, Jack Becht, Mountaha Ayoub, Morey Talmor, Noah Wunsch, Juliet Thompson, Stephanie Singer, Evren Catlin, Brendan Dunne, Noah Paul, Peter Spark, Busra Erkara, Brady … Continued

Fuck Apple and Its Shitty New ‘Smartwatch’

Oh great another must-have product from Apple, everyone’s favorite brand, and with a market cap of $730 billion, the largest company on the planet. Consider the Department of Defense, a.k.a the United States Military, the largest army in history, has … Continued

RIP Biggie Smalls

Our favorite DJ Jus Ske is doing a Biggie tribute set at 1OAK this Sunday. The Notorious B.I.G has been dead almost 18 years, murdered by rivals associated with 2Pac in Los Angeles. Monday is the anniversary of his murder. … Continued

Cam’ron’s Jay Z Outfit Diss Mad LOL

This beef, established in the mid-2000s, is one the funniest in rap. Cam loves making fun of Jigga’s clothes–“How is the king of New York rockin sandals with jeans when he 42 years old?” Jay mostly ignores all this, but … Continued

Watch Drake Grab Paul Pierce During NBA Game

Drake is in New York for fashion week and the NBA All Star Game. But before he left Canada, the Jewish rapper went to see his beloved Raptors play the former Bullets and current Wizards of Washington D.C.. Drake is the … Continued

NIMBYS Hate Kanye, Try to Cancel Free NYC Show

Kanye West–idiot, auto-tune crooner, decent producer, bad rapper, father of child named after latitudes, husband of nudist–is scheduled to perform a free concert in the Flatiron District in conjuntion with the Jay Z NBA All Star Game. Wait, Jigga doesn’t … Continued

Brian Williams Suspended 6 Months

Well, that’s funny. We just joked about this below and the news just broke: NBC has officially suspended B Willy for six months without pay. According to the New York Times, Nightly News was attracting 9.3 million viewers per night and generating $200 million in … Continued

Brian Williams Steps Down

Little news satire there. Jon Stewart, who has anchored The Daily Show since 1999, is stepping down sometime this year. With Stephen Colbert off to The Tonight Show, Comedy Central has lost their two late night fake news anchors. Here’s … Continued

Moz Won’t Play Non-Vegetarian Venues

The man who once wanted to “hang the DJ” now won’t play venues that serve meat–even disc jockey meat. Morrissey, the one-named British pop ex-Smith singer, issued this statement about a forthcoming gig on a green island in the middle … Continued