Yo Dawg, the Huffington Post “Pimp My Ride” Expose Will Shock You

Yo Dawg, the Huffington Post “Pimp My Ride” Expose Will Shock You


You might remember the meme more than the show, but at one point MTV’s car makeover series “Pimp My Ride,” was pretty popular, or something. The dude in the meme is a rapper named Xzibit, but you probably don’t remember his rap career as much as you can recall the show’s shenanigans.

Every episode was centered around finding a broke loser with an equally losery car and then “pimping” it out. No, they didn’t fix the car and make it practical or just give the poor bastards a Ford Focus. Instead, they’d give you a little background on them and then do ridiculous shit to their cars, based on their personalities.

Like casinos? Yo dawg, we heard you like casinos, so we put a casino in your car, so you can casino when you’re in your car. You know the deal. Fishtanks, theater screen TVs, robot arms, arcades, and pretty much whatever dumb shit you can think of was put into the cards, instilling self esteem into their owners, thanks to Xzibit and MTV.

To anyone with half-a-brain, you’d wonder 99% of the time how the fuck you could drive a car like that. Thanks to the Huffington Post, the secret is out. Yup, they blew the lid right off this one, man. Turns out you can’t drive these cars and sometimes, all the crazy things installed… wait for it… didn’t even work.

Wait, in this tell all it gets even worse. Sometimes, they’d just take the lavish plasma screen televisions right out of the whips, the second filming was over. One car blew up according to the piece–two years later, after a ton of work not done by MTV or Xzibit–but that’s still shocking right? A shitbox owned by someone who can’t afford to not own a shitbox exploding?

I don’t know what the HuffPo will tackle next–maybe they’ll blow the lid off people on dating shows, not really looking for love–but right now I feel duped.