Weakened Friends Put on the Blindfolds and Party In ‘Main Bitch’ Video


Weakened Friends Put on the Blindfolds and Party In ‘Main Bitch’ Video


“I realize more and more that people allow themselves to be disrespected in relationships and knowingly settle for less than they deserve. And I think that’s a sad thing,” Sonia Sturino says of “Main Bitch”, the latest video from Weakened Friends.

Being a “main bitch” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, the frontwoman of the Boston/Portland three piece says.

“A lot of people in general like to refer to women as bitches and that’s not really ok. Everyone, men and women, deserve to be empowered and respected in the relationships they choose to have. I feel like that’s a notion that kind of gets lost amongst young people today, and something I’ve fallen into, myself.”

The video plays off of that idea of our inability see things as they are. Set in a boisterous house party, the bouncing power-pop fun of the track is offset against the guests’ being blindfolded.

“Really the video sort of reflects that where it’s a party, an ultimately ‘fun’ place, but everyone is blindfolded. Sometimes we blindly buy into what society deems as a fun time when it might not be true to our own hearts. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing.”

“‘Main Bitch’ is near perfect, in my opinion,” says Jim Gilbert, the video’s director adds. “It’s two minutes long and I swear the song is all chorus. Initially, I over-thought the treatment and the ideas of self-identity, but came back to earth very quickly. We shot in the pop spirit of the song and used the story for momentum. I think the best aspect of the video is the energy of the band and their friends that were extras. Everyone was having as much fun as possible while I was telling them what to do every three minutes. They were drinking and blindfolded all night.”

“Main Bitch” is from Weakened Friends’ debut EP Gloomy Tunes, and will appear on their new 12″ follow up Crushed, which you can grab here.

Catch them on the rest of their tour:

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05.19.16 – Liveburghstudio (house show) – Pittsburgh PA
05.20.16 – Mantua Yacht Club (house show) – Philadelphia PA
05.21.16 – All Roads Music Festival 2016 – Belfast ME
05.22.16 – Great Scott – Allston MA
05.26.16 – Ralphs – Worcester MA
05.27.16 – World Citizen Party House – Albany NY
05.29.16 – The Sportsman Tavern – Buffalo NY