Smart Reads: Sean Connery, J. Hoberman, and Anna Pavlova


Smart Reads: Sean Connery, J. Hoberman, and Anna Pavlova


Today in culture: politics are rude, children’s books are painful, and Sean Connery is still the best Bond.

-Comfort food, comfort films? Richard Brody identifies what makes great films great–and tells us that some idiot on the internet doesn’t like Sunrise.

-The Rapture meets ‘Republicanese’: Why Mitt Romney might just bring about the apocalypse.

-Mark Leibovitch indulges in a fantasy of the Romneys and the Obamas competing for ultimate Americanness at the “Sauerkraut Summit”…but ugliness prevails on the real campaign trail.

-Happy-making (but also sad-making) clip of the day: Watch Anna Pavlova dance the dance of The Dying Swan in 1925.

IFC Center would like to take this pre-Skyfall moment to get lost in a world of Sean Connery Bond films. We’re not worthy.

-J. Hoberman’s Film After Film is excerpted at length, in a segment about the trappings of post 9/11 Hollywood output.

-He’s also very happy that Paul Fejos’ Lonesome is finally released on DVD (who isn’t?)

-The best Cronenberg Cosmopolis interview you’re likely to read…if only because it links back to 2002’s Spider.

FIRST PEEK: Spring Breakers from MUSE Film on Vimeo.

-A first look at Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

Bear Despair: what just might be the most emotionally searing children’s book ever made.