New York’s Newest It-Girl Isn’t Even Alive


New York’s Newest It-Girl Isn’t Even Alive



Inspired by the it-girl in us all, nightlife stalwarts Jarrett Edward and Zac Weiss have designed a new weekly Thursday event centered on a plastic, ageless beauty, named Sylvija. Shapeshifting and traditionally flawless, Sylvija is perhaps the most archetypal it-girl in New York, happily indulging in every possible cliche, from Christian Louboutin heels to Bagatelle brunch, Cartier bracelets to European vacations.

While we prefer our it-girls a bit messier—the types who’d rip off their shaggy corner store wigs and whip them around wildly with lipstick-stained mouths, Sylvija’s still a perfect subject for wasted 2 a.m. selfies. Edward and Weiss detailed for us the immortal tastemaker, below:

Sylvija is a jet set connoisseur. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija was at Riccardo Tisci’s birthday party in Ibiza. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija is happy for Blac Chyna and Rob. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija wears Christian Louboutins, but complains about the quality. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija has all the Kylie Jenner lip kits. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija loves to brunch at Bagatelle. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija frequents the South of France. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija only takes Uber. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija went to the Crillon Ball. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija loves Vetements, but thinks it’s over-priced. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija liked Hedi at Saint Laurent. Sylvija is not real. Sylvija has five Cartier bracelets. Sylvija is not real.

We caught up with New York’s inanimate it-girl ahead of her Thursday party at the Hotel Americano, 518 W. 27th Street, at 11 p.m. The first installment will be hosted by stylist Ian Bradley, featuring resident DJs Andre Bato and Tyl000rd, as well as a late night set by Hood by Air casting director Walter Pearce. (RSVP at

What’s your pre-gaming ritual? 

There’s no pregame, it’s just the game. Like, I’m never getting ready to go out because I’m always out. People are always blowing me up to hang out—it’s just one big endless event that is my life.

Describe your sense of style when dressing for the club. Are there certain brands you love? Certain looks to stay away from? 

Be yourself. There’s nothing more banal than going out and seeing the same look more than once. I don’t dress for the club, I dress for myself; the club is just my channel, my environment, my medium. I like what Hood by Air is doing and Shayne [Oliver] and Ian [Isiah] are my favorites—so talented and one-of-a-kind individuals. Walter Pearce, who’s DJing my party this Thursday also works for them; he’s always ‘Chopped this…Chopped that,’ I barely understand what he’s saying half the time, but God I love his taste. He was wearing pajamas all winter and that’s just fabulous.

What’s your trick to avoiding lines at the club? 

I have no tricks, unless you count my beauty, but beauty fades and people stop caring anyway. Pick up any list and I can guarantee that my name will be on it. Guest list, grocery list, worst dressed list—I’m on it.

Who are some must-have attendees at your party? 

I love the feeling of being surrounded by creative and ambitious people at a party. Although it’s not really about what you do, and who you know, but more just who you are and how you carry yourself. They’re the most engaging people in this city; you have to be in the room to experience the magic. You can come see it on Thursday.

What’s the ultimate party foul? 

Selfies. Kim ruined that. Why take your own photo when the paparazzi will take it for you?

Do you have a favorite drink? 

I love the $10 Whiskey Sours at the Hotel Americano.

Why should we come to your party? 

You should come to my party to hear music by Cult 1964 and Walter Pearce, hang out with the hosts Ian Bradley and Ian Isiah, and get to know me. I’ll be on the dance floor or in the back lounge area. RSVP to my personal email to get it.