Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Proxy the Fakest Sounding Disease Ever or What?


Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Proxy the Fakest Sounding Disease Ever or What?


Kind of confused by this advertisement on the train in Boston (spotted by @mishkafrances on instergerm). Is this the fakest-ass made up sounding disease you’ve ever heard of, or is it literally the most pervasive, all-encompassing shared condition of humanity that we are all afflicted by on a daily basis? I’ve certainly suffered from heard of regular body dysmorphic disorder, that’s science. But hating someone’s stupid, punchable face and dipshit pants is an actual medical condition now? What’s the treatment for that exactly, poking out your eyes? I went to the URL on the ad to find out more and to see if I’m suffering form the grave condition myself.

Are you concerned about someone else’s appearance? A family member? A stranger?

Yes. Have you seen these chicken-winged land-manatees we have flopping around on shore all over the place?

Do you HATE how they look?

Sure, but in fairness, I hate everything about what they think and say too, so you might want to control for that in your experiment.

Does it cause PROBLEMS?

Does giving me something to complain about on the internet every day actually count as a problem?

You may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Proxy, and we may be able to help.

Probably not though, unless you plan on making Juggalos, guidos, and bros with giant baggy-ass khakis and flip flops piloting their dirigibles of flesh around in XXL un-tucked Oxford shirts bunched up at the waist like a fucking sail on a pirate ship illegal. Can you actually do that at your clinic?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Proxy is a condition whereby an individual is overly concerned with someone else’s appearance. This person of concern may be family member (e.g., spouse, child, parent, or sibling), partner, friend, or stranger. Individuals suffering from BDD by proxy experience impairment in their daily lives due to these intrusive concerns. This condition also may entail time-consuming obsessive behaviors regarding the other person’s appearance that cause anxiety and may interfere with interpersonal relationships.

It also may make you a judgmental prick who takes out his hatred of himself on things beyond his control, like the kind of shorts that one guy over there in line at Starbucks in front of me has on right now, Jesus Christ this guy needs to literally die in a sea of fire.

Oh. OK, I see what they mean with this whole thing now. I need help.

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