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Here’s What Your Favorite Disney Princes Look Like With Their Dicks Chopped Off

Film & TV

Here’s What Your Favorite Disney Princes Look Like With Their Dicks Chopped Off



We all love Disney, and Disney Princesses, and Disney Princes also. But one thing you constantly hear about when it comes to Disney Princes, and Disney in general, is that there are too many penises and cocks also on display. A new Tumblr from an imaginative internet artist, titled Disney Princes With Their Dicks Chopped Off imagines what some of the heroes from our most beloved childhood classics would look like with their dicks chopped off, just like it says in the title of the thing.

Here are some of our favorites.




“What’s wrong, my Disney prince?”

“I just chopped my own dang dick off.”

“I can relate to the fact that you’re a Disney character, which is a relatable thing to be, but that’s a bit much for me.”

“I also relate to Disney. I just wish I still had a dick, which I don’t anymore, due to chopping it off just now.”







“What have I done. I chopped my own dick off. Why would I do that? LOL, I mean, it’s random enough to be funny, but still, it hurts bad. Real bad. I shouldn’t have done this. I’ve made a mistake here. I over estimated the payoff on this gag to be honest.”


Prince Philip in plum


“I’m going to chop my dick off with this sword and put it in a magic shoe in order to convince the Princess to fall in love with me.”





“Why am I holding my hands over my dick? No reason. Listen, can we go somewhere and talk?”





“Son, I’ve wanted you to chop your own dick off since the day you were born. Hell, I wanted to do it for you, but I just needed you to find the courage within to do it yourself.”


“No, my dick, which I definitely still have, is fine. Why do you ask?”




“Call an ambulance. Call the Disney fucking ambulance right now on account of I’m having a accident here.”



“Do it. Chop off my dick. Do it for me, the Disney prince.”




“Sew my frog dick back on please. I was a bit hasty in my actions here, I’m not going to lie. I want the frog dick back. I’m going to need that thing.”




“Genie, you’re free. And so am I from the responsibility of dick ownership.”