Five 30 Second Reviews of Ben Gibbard, Diamond Rings, GRMLN + more


Five 30 Second Reviews of Ben Gibbard, Diamond Rings, GRMLN + more


Police Teeth, “Bellingham Media Blackout”
This riff sounds like a drunk alarm clock feels inside your brain except the alarm clock is your roommate and he’s pissed that you passed out on the bathroom floor again except woops it’s a dream you don’t have a roommate, you live in the crawl space above your buddy’s garage.


Diamond Rings, “I’m Just Me” Yelle remix

I wonder if people will ever stop listening to David Bowie? Do kids still listen to David Bowie? I wonder which of the super important bands we have now space kids on the moon will pretend not to like 50 years from now to bum out their 12 dads? This guy sounds tired, like when you’re on your 14th night in a row out at the club and you really don’t want to be there but your one friend is spinning and he’s been pestering you to come so fine dude here I am.


Melody’s Echo Chamber, “I Follow You”

I know bands aren’t making money anymore because we’re all pirates and thieves and cut-purses and bindle-pokers which isn’t a word, but the point is I get that we have to put ads in front of videos and what not, because shit, this 40 year old van isn’t going to repair itself (be super cool if it did though), but it really throws you right out of the moment when you have to listen to some voice-over prick yammer about Douche Light before your song comes on. I don’t have a solution, I’m just saying. This song is super pretty and wistful, and of all of the ones on here it’s the one I’m most likely to ever listen to again. Oh wait, maybe if I buy it I can skip the ad conundrum. That seems like a whole thing though.


Ben Gibbard, “Teardrop Windows”

Wait is Ben Gibbard the guy from the Decemberists or Death Cab for Cutie, because I thought I knew the answer to that before this song started. Wait, let me listen another second… OK, it’s DCFC, but he’s really not doing us any favors vis a vis seminal sweater-rock confusion here. Bailing on this one 1:30 in.


GRMLN, “Coral” Teen Daze Remix

I don’t know what GRMLN (pictured above) is supposed to sound like, but I’ll tell you what this does sound like, Teen Daze is what. It’s got that chitzy bass synth and twinkling keys all a’sparklin that makes me want to lean into a pool of syrup holding another, smaller glass of the same syrup with a depressing little umbrella sticking out of it and just look at the clouds that are also starting to look like syrup. Bonus blogscene points for that reverby guitar line action. I’d listen to this, but only if I wanted a 22 year old “music writer” to think I was relevant. (I do).

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