Eulogy by Morey Talmor


Eulogy by Morey Talmor


When asked to write a few final words about BULLETT, where I had worked for what was probably two of the most memorable & fun years of my ‘professional-life’I found myself trying, and failing to resurrect the right story or moment to properly sum it all up.

Is it the time we lost a design award to Time magazine and were all dressed very well?, Is it the time I accidentally saw Dave Grohl’s penis during a BULLETT party (we hugged afterwards), or is it more about the everyday moments, like the whole mag team seated around couches pitching story ideas for a new issue, or memories of the design team working into the hours of the night whilst very very high. Probably all of the above work quite well, but while digging through my old archived BULLETT desktop I came across a collection of random screens-caps taken over the years, and it’s these disjointed snapshots that seemed most appropriate as a goodbye to a magazine that was both meticulously executed and all-over-the-place, one with concise intention and vision but a sense of freedom that made countless silly and beautiful things come to life.

RIP BULLETT, my desktop will never be the same.

-Morey Talmor, Founder & Creative Director at Talmor & Talmor & Talmor



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