Eulogy by BULLETT Executive Director Mike Herman


Eulogy by BULLETT Executive Director Mike Herman


I just don’t see this ending as tragic. The BULLETT I know was never built to be a taken over by a diluted media conglomerate run by neo-hipsters in a boardroom. If we were ever known for playing it safe, you wouldn’t have loved us to begin with. You see to me, BULLETT was reminiscent of New York Art Punk, abiding by the notion that blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Truth be told, my personal commitment to BULLETT began during an Ayahuasca ceremony. At least that’s when it became clear it was just something I needed to do. I hadn’t had much experience with the team other than producing a few events and hanging out with them at a bar I owned at the time. Which made sense because that bar also subscribed to that Punk ethos called “not giving a fuck”, a requirement in possibly all great creative endeavors, one that is now a distant memory but once existed way back when New York was New York. Anyway, I had no reason to believe that I had any right to transition into the media business other than Jack (Becht) bought into it and obviously sold the idea to Idil (Tabanca), who ultimately trusted me with her baby, for which I’m eternally grateful. Maybe it was our shared passion for keeping the dream alive, I like to think it was the universal spirit that spoke to me during that Aya ceremony.

I’ll share with you what I saw as the pivotal point for the later days of BULLETT. Kim Kardashian producers reached out and offered us a spot with her on TV. I asked Idil what she thought and she turned to me and said, “The day I work for KK is the day I abandon all my values.” And that was the end of the conversation. Other publications would have sold their soul to get a chance like that, we all know a few that have. We couldn’t. And there are a few more stories just like that remain locked away in the vault, like the big brands and advertisers that openly refused to work with us because of our undying support for certain alternative lifestyles and subcultures.

BULLETT never left the course of its original mission. What made it special for you, and us, is also what kept it from lasting forever. Everyone knows the good shit is never immortal, look at your favorite artist.

So with that, BULLETT will act like a tree, letting the dead leaves drop. Love to all of you.

-Mike Herman, BULLETT Executive Director



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