Eulogy by BULLETT Fashion Director Allyson Shiffman


Eulogy by BULLETT Fashion Director Allyson Shiffman


This one hurts.

When I first moved to New York about five years ago, a friend hooked me up with an internship at BULLETT via his twin brother (#nepotism #TheBarnaBrothers). TBH, I didn’t know that much about the magazine at the time (only two issues had been published), besides the fact that it was “cool.”

My first day in that big beautiful office in midtown, I was next level terrified. Everyone was so young and so cool and so nonchalant. All varsity jackets and ripped t-shirts and smudged eyeliner. And then there was Idil. It’s totally wild to me that we’re now friends who, like, text and stuff, because back then I was equal parts obsessed with and scared of her. The first time I saw her she was wearing socks with weed leaves on them (common now, but totally not a thing back then). She was so cool.

It was beyond evident that I was a part of something magical. First of all, whenever I told anyone, even the coolest most apathetic New York scenester, that I was interning at BULLETT, their face lit up as they gushed “I loooooove that magazine.” Of course they did – BULLETT was doing the coolest shit. An advice column with Gary Busey, a cover on which Kirsten Dunst flashed a gang sign (that one made the news), a studio visit with Macaulay Culkin… I could go on and on. Naturally I almost died when our editor, Nick Haramis (obvi now editor in chief of Interview and one of the most next level talented people, like, ever) came to my little intern desk where I was probably transcribing an interview to give me my very first print assignment (it was on a band called Vår – I had never heard of them. BULLETT was always ten steps ahead). It was all happening.

So I literally owe my entire career to BULLETT, but we’re not here to talk about me.

The spirit and originality of BULLETT is best reflected by the vibe in that office. Listen, I’ve seen the inside of a lot of magazine offices – even the “coolest” mag is usually born in a sterile, silent environment populated with people sitting at their computers, communicating exclusively via Gchat. BULLETT was fucking lit. Nick might call the entire office over to a computer to watch the new Justin Bieber video (was it actually Justin Bieber? I can’t remember), everyone might go up to the roof to have a funeral for the office fish (was it a lizard? God, I need to stop drinking). Then-unknown Internet artists and musicians and actors and designers were always popping in and out. This wasn’t a bunch of stuck up fashion jerks making a trendy fashion magazine. This was a bunch of crazy kids actively and passionately trying to do something valuable, beautiful and different. It was just… so cool.

But nothing gold can stay. The magazine industry changes (like, really changes) and we all get a little older and a little more tired (it’s hard to be ten steps ahead when you aren’t partying until 5am). So, it’s with the heaviest heart that I bid farewell to BULLETT, the magazine that gave me literally everything.

Thank you, BULLETT (specifically the OG BULLETT family) for taking a chance on me. And thank you for being so damn cool.


-Allyson Shiffman, BULLETT Fashion Director



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