Contessa Stuto, ‘Censorship is a Word I’ve Never Been Familiar With’


Contessa Stuto, ‘Censorship is a Word I’ve Never Been Familiar With’


Photos by Anna Bloda

Nightlife legend Contessa Stuto has been victimized by Internet censorship, having suffered from her “Horny Lil’ Slut” music video getting flagged and deleted twice from YouTube. As one would expect from the New York spitfire, she’s completely averse to giving into the system without serving up a signature Stuto fight—one that’s rooted in her distaste for gender imbalances in the music industry.

The Cobra Krames-produced track is a declaration of her sexuality with an accompanying video that strengthens this message without visibly showing nudity. Sure, Stuto’s aggressive lyrics and gritty video are polarizing, but its repeated removal from YouTube sheds light onto the reality that women are socially expected to conceal their sexual prowess.

Because we believe in celebrating fearless women like Stuto, we’re eager to publicize once more, her “Horny Lil’ Slut” video, loaded with shamelessly sexual splendor. Watch the clip below and read our interview with the Cunt Mafia ringleader, where we talk about her forthcoming EP, pre-party rituals and love for carbs.



Your “Horny Lil Slut” music video has been flagged twice now and removed from YouTube—what are your thoughts on Internet censorship?

“Censorship is a word I’ve never been familiar with, considering I grew up as a downtown New York wild child since the late ’90s. It wasn’t until I entered the music industry when I first learned about censoring myself. I have been incredibly successful in the art world, but when I send something to low grade, but highly ‘reputable’ music magazines, their pussy ass rejection emails always say their editors lean on the ‘conservative’ side. Meanwhile, all the male hip-hop, EDM, fashion trap and rock they publish are offensive, drug glorifying and sexually degrading gibberish. Women in music media are safe industry puppets, even the indie ones.”

What other experiences have you had with censorship?

“I did a festival as an MC for a big Brooklyn male rap group and I was told I couldn’t curse anymore on the microphone because it was all ages. Next thing you know, the male rappers come out and say the N-word, bitch, slut, fuck, suck my dick, drugs this and drugs that. Meanwhile, they are on covers of these said ‘conservative’ magazines. I wonder why the female identity is hated so much? We are living in a very dodgy world filled with racism and transphobia, but why does sexism never get evaluated properly?”

Describe the sound of your forthcoming EP.

“My EP is called, ‘Night Wife,’ and it’s been a project that I’ve worked on for over two years now. It’s a transaction of a time period in my life. It’s sort of a farewell to nightlife, as I am the ‘Night Wife.’ It’s sort of a play on words—a divorce from the night to learn about the day. I’m also learning to love differently because most of the people you meet at night, you won’t ever see again. Someone once told me I am the ‘Light of the Night,’ so that’s the direction of the piece—overtly sexual, overtly underground and overtly Contessa Stuto.

What’s been the hardest part of pumping out this project?

“The most difficult thing as an underground artist who’s not represented by a label is time, which usually costs money. Having no budget and working with amazing people who believe in your vision is easy, but finding the time while having to make an income from other sources is the hardest. Being a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants is very difficult, as well. You can’t just work with anybody because not everyone will be up to par.”

How do you keep nightlife fresh?

“Nightlife has been the place I was raised as a child. I don’t really keep it ‘fresh’ in reality—at some point it’s all stale: Drugs, music and fashion. It’s just a lifestyle at this point of my life. To keep it ‘fresh,’ I’m always looking for new talent and DJ’s at all times. I prefer friendly people with personality to egotistical road kill with a fan base. I’d rather give the underdog a chance and I think that gives it a ‘fresh’ spin. Usually, the underdog becomes very successful after they’ve blessed a Cunt Mafia moment.”

Do you have any pre-party rituals?

“My Pre-party rituals these days usually involve a long shower in the dark with some candles lit. I don’t pregame anymore—this is a business for me and I can become quite the turn-up when I treat my parties like a party and not a business. I had to at one point ‘grow up’ I guess.”

What’re your vices?

“Carbs, whiskey, the ‘idea’ of love and fantasy.”