Artist Asks Kanye West to Bake a Cake with his Honorary Doctorate Diploma


Artist Asks Kanye West to Bake a Cake with his Honorary Doctorate Diploma


During an interview last week with Clique TV, college dropout Kanye West announced he’d be receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute Chicago, one of the most reputable art schools in the country.

In a statement sent to Complex, SAIC said they award individuals whose work is “imaginative, and aesthetically rich, and sometimes also provocative and controversial, shifting the cultural landscape in significant ways.” Tastemakers like Yoko Ono, Jeff Koons and Patti Smith have also been awarded this honorary doctorate. Damn ‘Ye, you’re one of them, now.

Chicago-based artist Rosalia Marzullo has launched an online movement, asking Yeezy to “prove the diploma is not what validates a creative individual’s success” by asking that he allow his PhD to be baked into a cake (LOL, okay Internet).  In the official Facebook group, Marzullo boldly writes the following:

1. This event is not here in order to prove Kanye does not deserve a doctorate. The doctorate does not deserve Kanye west and/or anyone for that matter. It’s paper.

2. This event is not stating that giving Kanye a doctorate devalues the degree. The degree’s value is a facade.

3.  This event is to prove the degree has no value without the work of the individual.

4. Degrees, diplomas and certificates are paper. They are not reason to believe a person is superior and/or intelligent.

5. Paper cannot and should not validate creativity and worth. With this
project I hope to devalue/destroy this notion by baking the degree into a

This all sounds like a perfect way for Yeezy to continue amping up his art cred, which we all know he’s constantly thirsty to do. Well ‘Ye, what’ll it be? (We just want a slice of the cake after…)