Anti-Folk Artist Lindsey Baker Guts It Out


Anti-Folk Artist Lindsey Baker Guts It Out


What began as a video project of collaged, absurdist found footage, has manifested in Lindsey Baker’s Guts Club. The guts of the club are jittery visual trips, with animals, me with guns, bags of money and other things super imposed over girls in bikinis, road tripping humans, and babies.

Baker’s full length The Arm Wrestling Tournament is a sparse but vivid folk jaunt, recorded in the Catskills, but sounding nothing like the woods, a mountain, or a scene from Over the Top–though her father was a true fan of competitive arm wrestling.

Tomorrow night Baker will perform live tomorrow at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, in a multimedia pastiche of all things uncomfortably numb.

When asked what shaped her fleshy aesthetic, she of course pointed to the gamma ray induced parables of the Incredible Hulk television show, and listed off her five favorite Bruce … I mean David Banner moments for us.

Here’s Lindsey Baker on the inspiration behind The Guts Club:

“King of the Beach” (Season 4)

This episode is better than any Twilight Zone or the X Files combined. Lou Ferrigno is the Hulk, duh, but he’s also a hamburger flipping body builder. So for any weirdo, this is an actual dream come true because not only is the Hulk hulking-out and just doing his hulk thing, he’s also on stage doing extreme muscle poses as himself, the Incredible Hulk, after Lou Ferrigno does some muscle poses too.

“Stop the Presses” (Season 2)

First of all I hate Jack McGee. He’s probably the reason why there’s no actual newspapers anymore. This episode is pretty intense, because the Hulk freaks out in Jack’s newspaper factory/printing press/ and I have no idea what I’m looking at because what is a newspaper.

I imagine this specific hulk-out taking place instead during the sex scene in 8 Mile and the Hulk just tearing shit up while Britney Murphy, God rest her soul. (makes her weird sex face)

The First Part II (Season 4)

The dirty old man that is the other Hulk in this episode is just actual dog shit. He looks like a green werewolf and his signature line is just as busted; “You know when I get mad what I can do.” Whaaaaat???? There’s another hulk on the block and it’s a total bummer, but it’s also ridiculous.

Metamorphosis (Season 3)

The other day a friend asked me if I was currently watching Jem, like now, as an adult. I guess there’s a live action movie happening soon, but my dude was definitely referring to the cartoon. No, I’m not currently watching Jem and the fucking Holograms because I’m not a brony, but here’s what I do watch when I need my lasers/hulk/glam/rock’n’roll freak out.

The Quiet Room (Season 2)

One of the big reasons I love the Hulk so much is Bill Bixby as David Banner. He has sad Michael Landon eyes and he’s always getting into some shit trying to help people with their dumb lives that are never half as bad as his. He needs a me-day. He gets his me-day… in a damn straight jacket! That totally sucks but my favorite part of this episode is watching all of the patients’ faces when the Hulk morphs back into David Banner. It’s basically thrilling.

WATCH IT HERE (embedding disabled, bummer)

Guts Club performs March 4, 2015 at the  Bell House, Brooklyn, NY with Mindtroll & Pony Farm