35(ish) of the Best(ish) Pieces We Posted On Bullett in 2014


35(ish) of the Best(ish) Pieces We Posted On Bullett in 2014


It’s been a weird year online. I suppose you could say that every year. Like every other website in business, we’ve had our share of ups and downs here at Bullett. And, like every other website, we posted our share of thought-provoking, entertaining, and funny articles alongside some truly mind-numbing horseshit content. How the sausage is made, as they say.

Taking a look back at the most popular posts of the year on Bullett has reminded me of the most basic rule of internetting: you never have any clue what people are going to want to click on and share. One of the most popular posts, I’m sort of ashamed to say (but hey, you people shared it, not me), was a grand total of 30 words, and an embedded tweet from Seth Rogan making fun of Justin Bieber. Not exactly journalism, but, nonetheless, about 700,000 people looked at it. What a world.

On the more informative, and revelatory side, this post about the timeline of Terry Richardson accusations, was another huge hit. Nicely done. Richardson proved to be a popular, if not exactly in the usual sense of the word, draw, a few times this year. Then again, this “letter from Dr. Dre to his girlfriend, which isn’t even a real thing, got about 5 times as many views, and 35k likes on Facebook. Who even knows. This picture of World Cup hero Mario Gotze’s speedo boner did pretty well too, as did this Miley Cyrus nipple shot, and Lindsay Lohan’s sex list. At least those ones I can understand. Some, while not exactly ground-breaking, were funny enough to do the job, like referring to Jared Leto as a human fingerless glove.

Traffic oddities and viral nonsense aside, here are some of the more popular, and actually pretty decent, pieces we posted this year. Some are in depth, some are jokes. Most are worth a minute of your time. Please do enjoy and share. Thanks for reading Bullett.

The A to Z Guide to the Fucked World of Male Modeling

After five years of modeling, the moment has come for me to drown my book. My race is run, my hairline receding. But before I go, I want to leave a short guide to the mostly dark truths of the male modeling world.

Stop Molesting Women at Concerts
As anyone who’s ever been in any sort of tightly packed concert can tell you, particularly women, the threat of being groped inappropriately is something one has to constantly be aware of.

Ghetto Fabulous: 13 Voices Speak On Fashion’s Appropriation of Urban Culture

Talking about race and talking about fashion are tricky propositions, but for different reasons. Discourses around race are loaded, weighted with history and the import that there is still so much work to be done, whereas fashion speak is vaporous, bubbly with hyperbole (everything’s just fabulous!).

The Complete Guide to Being Wrong About Rape, Torture, Immigration, Religion and Everything Else

Twitter activism doesn’t accomplish anything.
Taking to the streets to protest undermines your cause.


If You Think What Lena Dunham Did Makes Her a Sexual Predator You’re a Liar

Critics don’t revile Dunham because she touched her sister’s vagina twenty years ago, they hate her because she has one of her own.

This is How Much a Freelance Writer Makes

I don’t think everyone should be paid the same amount for every story at a specific publication. Some people are better than others. Many people are better than me! Many are not.

‘Downtown Divas’ Is an Eye-Opening Look Into Russian Drug Addiction and Prostitution

During the second half of the 20th century, influenced by the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s , models have aimed to be thin. In the mid nineties, that image had been extremely accentuated with the rise of “Heroin Chic”, and is still today, with glamorous photos of skinny looking girls with dark circles under their glazed eyes.

Keira Knightley and Tig Notaro Can Both be Brave at Once

There’s a particularly disruptive undercurrent of contemporary progressivism, a performative oneupmanship, in which any expression of powerlessness must instantly be counterweighted on the comparative grievance ledger.

26 of the Saddest Songs Ever

Sadness being an overflowing vessel that you have to pour into another lest it spill all over the place, this question now lived inside of me. I spent the rest of the morning laying in bed trying to think of what the saddest song meant to me. Now I offer some suggestions, and pour it into you.

The Pain, Pleasure, But Mostly Pain, of Fashion Week

I love fashion. I love bodies in clothes. But I don’t love fashion week. Who loves fashion week?

Bella Thorne, Disney Princess No More

Bella Thorne is the proud owner of 5.22 million Twitter followers and counting, but chances are if you’re over the age of 14, then you’ve never seen her do what she does best.

Skin Is In: A Discursive Look at the Rise of Skinhead Styling in Men’s Fashion

If the metrosexual signified the placation of male power, then the skinhead look resuscitates machismo in the fashion realm.

What’s Behind Amalia Ulman’s Plastic Surgery As Art?

Being radical (or at the very least being relevant) by being the least radical possible is a #trending idea that’s been manifesting itself for a while now, from fast-food logos on gallery walls to Nike sneakers on gallery girls. Ulman’s is a slightly different variation of the same.

10 Things Girls Should Post More Pictures of On Instagram

It’s always the same joke: Girls be posting their hot dog legs and their coffee foam! Hahah, classic stuff. Girls man. What’s up with them?

Meet Ryan Heffington, the Man Behind the Year’s Two Biggest Videos

Mustached dance-guru Ryan Heffington is the sophisticated mind behind Sia Furler’s epic “Chandelier” video starring Dance Moms’ prodigy Maddie Ziegler. You know the one. Heffington also choreographed the controversial video for Arcade Fire’s “We Exist”, and a slew of others.

“Why Did She Still Marry Him After He Hit Her?”

This is the type of framing we see time and again whenever a woman is a victim.

Lumbersexual Is Not a Thing

There’s a dumb new word being used on the dumb internet that’s meant to describe a new trend in male fashion: Lumbersexual.

Has ‘Girls’ Lost Its Grip on Reality?

Do you know anyone who’s really like the characters on Girls? Sure, they exist, and I suppose that’s Lena Dunham’s world and her experiences, but it’s alienating.

The ’90s Are Dead, Let’s Remember Y2K-Wave With This Amazing Playlist

The early 2000s were basically the exact same thing as we have now, except instead of dancing to shitty EDM at giant clubs while wasted on molly the kids danced in shitty LES dives at parties named after obscure Brit Pop songs on bad coke.

Russell James On Photographing the World’s Most Desirable Women in the Nude

Russell James might consider himself a lucky man. The Australian photographer has spent the past two decades shooting some of the world’s most iconic and desirable women—names like Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Meet Brittney Scott, the Accidental Artist

Brittney Scott doesn’t believe she’s an artist, but is gradually learning to settle into that role.

8 Artists We Love Get Photographed With Their Inner Thoughts

What they got were school notes, teen diaries, sketchbooks, doodles, and some pretty sweet pics, all showcasing each artist’s unique personality and art aesthetic.

4 Guaranteed Ways to Snag a Husband Like George Clooney

It’s really all not that hard to land than man of your dreams, gals. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

Rules For Being In a Band By Someone Who’s Been There

Write some decent songs. If you think your songs suck, so does everyone. Don’t expect to ever do shit with bad songs. You need to write every day, and not worry about the fact that you’re just churning out dogshit, because your first songs are gonna be shitty and you’ll keep writing shitty songs as long as you’re alive.

Bites of Pizza Ranked

There are all sorts of valuable trueisms about pizza, most of which revolve around its relationship to sex. Pizza is like sex: it’s gross when anyone over 25 has it, for example. Or, pizza is like sex: it’s always disgusting in Chicago.

Meet Tove Lo, Sweden’s Next Great Pop Export

Until recently, Tove Lo was working behind the scenes as a songwriter for the likes of Cher Lloyd, Lea Michele, and fellow Swedes, Icona Pop. But some songs are too personal to give to other artists.

Forever 69: Notes on Shoe Fetishism

I’ve never slept with someone who wore bad shoes.

Photo Gallery: What NYFW Models Wear Before They Hit the Runway

During New York Fashion Week, all eyes are on what models will be wearing on the runway, but we decided to take a look at what they wear before and after they march down the catwalk.

An Important Update on Taking Candid Photos of People In Public: Don’t

For years now, people have been operating under the assumption that spotting a humorous-looking or otherwise remarkable person in public makes them fair game for a surreptitious photograph.

Charli XCX on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Pop Stardom

It was a really weird part of my life; really unexpected. Then loads of weird shit started to happen and then every kind of animal after that. Some of it was cool, and some of it not so cool.

How to Talk About Political Issues With Your Family On Thanksgiving

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, you’re likely to encounter a broad spectrum of the American populace better known as your extended family. Some of them will have traveled from other parts of the country, and most will be of varying ages and ideological persuasions, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

13 Important Internet Cliches Whose Meanings Have Changed This Year

Language moves at such an accelerated pace online that by the time it makes it into common usage it may no longer even mean what it was originally intended to.

8 Reasons Kids of the ’70s Should Be Dead By Now

Things aren’t like they used to be for kids back in the ’70s. When I was growing up our parents would let us run free through the neighborhood with only a carton of cigarettes for our supper, and the cheap kind too, and we’d climb trees, and throw rocks at each other in trees, and try to push over the trees that we were hiding in to get our friends to stop throwing rocks at us.