Is It Just Me, Or Are All of These Gucci Collections Starting to Look the Same?

Gucci kicked off Milan fashion week today and the whole super cool Gucci gang (Petra Collins, A$AP Rocky, Dakota Johnson etc etc etc) was there ...


OBSESSED: Vetements Just Dropped a ‘Snuff Necklace’ For Doing Cocaine in Style

There once was a time when fashion was synonymous with cocaine (fashion might still be synonymous with cocaine, depending on who you ask). So, in this ...


Pussy Galore at NAMILIA S/S ’18

Photography/GIFs: Kathryn Chadason
Vagina’s all the rage this season—from feminism’s infiltration of the fashion industry, to NAMILILA S/S ’18. And while a lot of the ...


On ‘Gossip Girl’s’ 10th Anniversary, A Look Back at Serena’s Most Unfortunate Outfits

Regardless of how you feel about Blake Lively or Blake Lively as Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side goddess Serena van der Woodsen, we can all agree ...


Speeding BULLETTs: @princessgollum IRL

Photography: Anna Bloda
Styling: Chloe & Chenelle Degadillo
Hair: Sylvia Wheeler
Makeup: Mikayla Gottlieb
You’ve definitely seen @princessgollum on your newsfeed. Over the last few ...


Christopher Kane Just Unveiled The Ugliest Shoes I’ve Ever Seen

Christopher Kane loves an ugly shoe. Remember the crocs? Hideous! But he’s really outdone himself this time. Surely the goal of these shoes was to ...

Art & Design

Banksy Claims His Latest Murals Are a ‘Collaboration’ With Basquiat, Which Seems Unlikely

Merriam-Webster defines “collaborate” as, “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” This definition implies that in order for a collaboration ...

Film & TV

Let’s Talk About ‘Mother!’ The Most Absurd, Unintentionally Hilarious Movie Of The Year

Spoilers for mother! below. We strongly suggest you see mother! before reading this, because as insane and potentially terrible as mother! may be, it’s worth the experience. 


It’s Been Almost a Week Since FASHUN TWEEK & We’re Still Nursing Our Hangover

Photography: The Cobra Snake, Dylan Thomas, Ariele Max, Miko Papa, Dannah Gottlieb & Finnigan Hawley-Blue
Videography/GIFs: ÅKLØ NYC
Last Saturday, we threw a huge party—but ...


Metallic Bikinis & Anti-Chaffing Thigh Bands at Chromat’s Spring Presentation

Photography: Kathleen O’Neill
We all know inclusivity and body positivity are the buzzwords of the season—who can forget the CFDA’s diversity reminder from last year? ...