August 16, 2011

Ashlee Simpson isn’t the only one swooning over actor Vincent Piazza. The Boardwalk Empire star has been a BULLETT favorite since his turn as a kleptomaniac named Earl in 2007’s Rocket Science. But he really sealed the deal when he stepped into the role of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano (“the father of modern organized crime”) in HBO‘s prohibition-era drama, where he holds his own among his formidable costars Michael Shannon and Paz de la Huerta (also BULLETT crushes).

For BULLETT’s Cosmic issue, Piazza was tasked to invent something that would change the world for the better. Thus was born the Negativity Neutralizer, a machine that turns complaints into a source of pure, renewable energy. We filmed Piazza as he tested his machine on the whiniest people in New York, a city of whiny people.

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