January 16, 2013

One of the many things that makes Girls a more realistic depiction of young life in New York than Sex and the City are the clothes (and the script and the casting and the sex scenes). As a writer in New York, I know this firsthand, as if I were to purchase a pair of Manolos, my bank account would spontaneously combust. Often woven into the very fabric of the storyline (Hannah’s onesie pajama suit, Jessa’s wedding dress, Adam’s absence of a shirt, the list goes on), the wardrobe in Girls not only gives insight into the characters, but also takes an accurate snapshot of the aesthetic of young, hungry brooklynites.

Jenn Rogien, the mastermind behind every last memorable Girls outfit, turns to all of our favorite New York shopping destinations to create realistic and charming looks for the show. Using Lena Dunham’s brilliant vision as a starting point, Rogien combs flea markets, vintage shops and Anthropologies to, as she puts it, “create and reflect hipsters.” We caught up with Jenn at one of her favorite Girls fashion resources, The Brooklyn Flea, to check out the goods, discuss her styling process, and resist purchasing coats.

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