November 18, 2011

Whether I’m modeling to Japan, hitchhiking through Germany, or backpacking in the Pyrenees, every time I travel somewhere I am as excited as I was when being a kid right before summer holidays started. Leaving has become an addiction. When I arrive in a new country, or meet people with a different mindset, or explore a different culture, I seem to take a bit of it home with me, wherever that might be. Life is a journey, and in the end one grows through experience. This mixed-media column is about our lives in Tokyo. I have no idea where the project will lead… yet. But I know it’s about love, about exploring a place where we couldn’t be more foreign, about the attempt to adapt to a culture that seems so different from our own, and, most importantly, about growing up by obtaining knowledge and broadening our minds—it’s about growing together.  Camera used: Vivitar

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