March 27, 2012

After writing so many songs that defined the ’90s, what else does Billy Corgan have to do but satisfy his own creative indulgences? For the last few years, the reformed Smashing Pumpkins have been working on a project called Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, a 44-song concept album that’s been released one track at a time, whenever they feel like it. There are three Kaleidyscope EPs out as of now, but apparently, Corgan has decided to change his approach: The Pumpkins will officially release a new album called Oceania in June on EMI, the label that put out their first records. Described once as “an album within an album within an album,” it’s not quite clear what relation Oceania‘s 13 tracks will bear to Kaleidyscope‘s sprawl, but there’s apparently some kind of thematic connection for Corgan’s diehard fans to pour over.

Other than the Pumpkins, Corgan has been busy running a wrestling promotion—a business venture that I can personally attest to being completely goofy in a good way, assuming that watching sweaty dudes get thrown off of balconies is your sort of thing. If you can’t make it to Chicago to get that experience in person, you can quench the thirst for more Corgan by watching the video for Oceania‘s title track to the side, as helpfully pointed out by the A.V. Club. “The 12-minute song is really a suite of short tracks,” the AVC’s Steven Hyden writes, “which makes it practically a mini-album within an album within an album.” Heavy, man. Oceania is out on June 19.

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