‘Spring Breakers’ is Coming to TV, Sort Of

If every time you hear the word ‘spring,’ you get that Skrillex song stuck in your head—you’re not alone. Ever since Harmony Korine’s 2014 masterpiece (and yes, I said masterpiece), it’s impossible not to. If for some reason you’ve been … Continued

20 Style Tips Care of Our Favorite Girl Gang Flicks

Style tip #infinity is that rules are meant to be broken, so think of these guidelines, brought to you from the baddest bitches of the screen. Credits: Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola, 2013 The Craft, Andrew Fleming, 1996 Crimson Crusade, Petra Collins, 2012 … Continued

Does ‘Spring Breakers’ Have a Moral?

The opening of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, a slow-motion montage of white teenagers dancing and drinking on a Florida beach set to Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” is an invocation of MTV’s coverage (so to speak) of spring break. … Continued