Each x Other Marries Artistry & Wearability for AW ’17

Photography: Jessica Gwyneth Sculpture was the theme at Each x Other’s Fall ’17 presentation, from the literal interpretation of Robert Montgomery’s poem, to the exceptional tailoring. But there’s also something inherently cool behind designer Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim’s aesthetic, … Continued

Kusama, Kosuth & Cave at The Armory 2017

Photography: Tiffany Nicholson The Armory can be overwhelming—with booths from 200 galleries from over 30 countries, it’s one of the most important art events every year. Featuring works by some of the world’s most renowned artists and a group of … Continued

Get Lost in Parker Day’s Absurdist Fantasy World

Parker Day‘s photos are an intoxicating view into the absurd, cutting cultural commentary through bright colors and exaggeration. Her latest series, ICONS, brings together 100 portraits of friends, artists and strangers, in an exploration of identity through social construction. With … Continued