Ariel Pink Hasn’t Lost His Marbles Yet

Photography: Natalia Mantini GIFs: Kathryn Chadason It’s hard to believe Ariel Pink is 40 years old. Sure, he’s written enough songs for three (really long) lifetimes, but a wide-eyed innocence permeates everything he does. Not that that means he’s naively … Continued

Let Weyes Blood Take You to Another World

Photography: Katie Miller Weyes Blood is from another time—whether it’s the future, or the past, I can’t really tell, but singer Natalie Mering’s voice transports the listener to another place entirely. Her latest release, Front Row Seat to Earth is … Continued

Speeding Bullett: Kirin J Callinan

Guitar shredding provocateur Kirin J Callinan is bringing his home spun gospel to the States via Australia. Kicking off a three week run of shows around the US with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Callinan’s music weaves the aggressive pulse of industrial EDM … Continued

Ariel Pink Gets Sued For $1 Million

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti have a new album, Mature Themes, out next week; as the stream shows, it’s a fairly strange take on ’70s AM rock, which may or may not be your thing. Either way, there’s another point of … Continued