How To Help Animals Right Now

Photo by PETA (@peta) If every person who liked animals helped animals, we’d have a pretty decent world for them. However, the unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of people who care but do little to nothing to … Continued

Exposed: Harley Weir’s Magic Touch

Photomontage, championed in the 1920s by artists like Hannah Höch and Raoul Haussman, is alive and well and living in the works of Harley Weir (minus the extreme political imagery, of course). The 24-year-old, London-born, Berlin-based photographer takes cut and … Continued

Ryan McGinley: On Beauty

If it were May Day, I might have thought the swarms of gorgeous disaffected young people on Mercer and Wooster Streets were protesting The System. But it was the day after, and nobody was shouting. It was only a Ryan … Continued