Fit to Print: Pajama-rama, Day 3

While Ms. Pajamarama would never hit the sack without first thoroughly removing all makeup, her look could almost pass as, say, last night’s leftovers. Instead of going for the tried-and-tested statement lip or eye, to which most makeup maestros abide, … Continued

Fit to Print: Grim and Proper, Day 3

Ms. Grim and Proper’s beauty philosophy is simple, with a twist. Her base palette is au naturel—she wears minimal foundation and blush. She’s very old-fashioned in her beauty principles, and considers a flawless complexion her greatest asset. And, of course, … Continued

Fit to Print: Bare Minimum’s Beauty Essentials, Day 3

The beauty look for this theme goes hand-in-hand with its refined sense of sultriness. With come-hither, bedroom eyes and slept-in hair, the look presents undone glamour with a splash of playful innocence. For these ultra-femme elements, you will need a … Continued