Conscious Uncoupling: RIP BULLETT

It’s only fitting to use the term made popular during BULLETT’s heyday, circa 2014, by Gwenyth Paltrow’s marriage counselor to announce our own split from ‘the Industry.’ Rest assured, our demise—not unlike the Hollywood couples’—shall be acquiescent and graceful (or … Continued

Eulogy by BULLETT Editor-in-Chief Idil Tabanca

Truth be told, I can’t take any credit for BULLETT. My biggest accomplishment is bringing (and keeping) together the extraordinary group of people that made up our team. The day Johnny Rackleff introduced me to Sah D’Simone’s band of misfits, … Continued

Eulogy by BULLETT Co-Founder James Orlando

The years I was involved with BULLETT [2010-2014] held the most exhilarating and challenging experiences of my life. Over 4 years, I transformed from a quirky vagabond boy living out of his car on dollar slices of pizza into a … Continued

Eulogy by BULLETT Co-Founder Sah D’Simone

Hi, my name is Sah D’Simone. At age 23 I co-founded BULLETT Media with 5 friends, James Orlando, Erin and Nick Ralph, Idil Tabanca, and Johnny Ducoin. After moving to America at age 16 and spending years working in construction … Continued

Eulogy by Luke O’Neil

I am still not entirely sure what the hell I was doing at BULLETT, or how I lasted here that long. When it started it was the epitome of artsy New York fashion cool, and I was just grumpy asshole … Continued

Eulogy by Jack Becht

When I hear “suicide,” I think “how?”.  Before the heartbreak, the condolences—my brain goes centuries deep into the most depraved death acts known to humanity. I’m immediately airborne over some Alpine expanse, the Airbus emergency door falling alongside me. I’m … Continued