Brian De Palma Revisits 5 of His Most Unforgettable Films

Over the course of a fabled 50-year career spanning every genre under the sun, Brian De Palma’s most steadfast muse has remained the American fever dream, in all its wild permutations. Here, the veteran director revisits five unforgettable films from his personal archive. Based on … Continued

Before Ricky Roma, Al Pacino Knew How To Cruise

Last week, previews started for the new Broadway revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, which has been marketed with a particularly unimaginative bit of stunt casting: putting Al Pacino, who played hotshot Ricky Roma in the 1992 film adaptation, in the … Continued

Our Favorite Things: Mercury Retrograde Edition

You might be asking yourself, how is the Bullett office surviving the Mercury Retrograde mindfuck? The answer: just barely, with a slew of retro classics (plus t.A.T.u.) to see us through.   Obsessed song: t.A.T.u.’s “All the Things She Said.” (cc: Ben Barna) … Continued