Lost Highway

Photography: Heidi Tappis Styling: Santa Bevacqua Hair: Darine Sengseevong Makeup: Matisse Andrews Model: Anastasia Murray (Photogenics LA) Motorcycle: Hardeep Manak


Photography: Benjamin Askinas Styling: Chaine Leyendecker Hair: Dritan Vushaj Makeup: Alexa Hernandez Model: Ganna Bogdan (Photogenics)

Let’s Pretend We Don’t Exist

Photography: Vince Aung Styling: Chaw Chaw Su San Hair: Salma Rae  Makeup: Sean Stahl  Model: Sarah Gullixson (Stars Model Management)


Photography: Jin + Dana Styling: Mel Renee Hair: Sheri Pinto Makeup: Alexander James Model: Djenice Duarte (Wilhelmina)

Kanye West’s New Zine is Not a Zine

Much like vinyl, cassettes, and any other charming analog culture, zines are the newest thing to be commandeered by rich people looking for credibility. In his latest move to seem authentic, Kanye West has joined the zine fold, by not really … Continued