Goodbye, Liz Lemon—Hello, Television Wasteland

2007 was a good year for TV. Battlestar was in its heyday. 30 Rock had found its footing. Mad Men and Breaking Bad blew my mind every week. Even better, the scheduling of those four shows meant that one of them was airing new episodes at … Continued

Meet Tracy Morgan, True Romantic

Tracy Morgan is more than an hour late, but the crew that’s amassed in the sweltering Chinatown studio where the accompanying photos were taken seem appeased by his publicist’s assurances that it’s just “Tracy living on Tracy time.” Perhaps it’s because they’ve seen 30 Rock, Tina Fey’s razor-sharp … Continued

In Related News: Hactivism

Is it just us or is the constant Internet-themed conflict between institutions (namely, the state and corporates) and free Internet advocates (mostly, online communities) shaping into a Frank Miller-toned, post-apocalyptic plot? Hactivism, the perfect combination of  ‘hacking’ and activism, is literally … Continued

Elizabeth Banks

Actress Elizabeth Banks gets glamorous in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video for BULLETT, where she talks on the pleasure of preforming and the satisfaction of good humor.

Donald Glover

Donald Glover of hit TV series Community gives BULLETT the exclusive on s'mores and pooping. 

Actor, Writer, Comedian Donald Glover

This Spring, BULLETT sat down with Donald Glover, a veritable renaissance man of the digital age. Can you tell me a little bit about growing up in Georgia? It was very boring. I was really bored. I mean, that might … Continued