January 22, 2013
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There was a brief episode in Obama’s first term when we doubted his abilities and strength of mind. It came in July 2009, when Barry stepped out to throw the ceremonial first pitch of the MLB All Star game. What we saw struck a gong bell of horror within: hanging shapelessly around the President’s waist were a pair of jeans better suited for a Kansas City soccer mom than the man who won a Nobel Peace Prize in his first year in office. Calling those jeans ill-fitting is like calling Tom Cruise wacky—an understatement of criminal proportions. As the president leaned through his pitch and the jeans revealed themselves in their full hideousness, our very faith in the Commander-in-Chief vanished (when it came to denim, of course).

Now, we couldn’t be happier with the inauguration this week. By way of sheer resolve—and no doubt some help from the First Lady—Barack has redeemed himself since the denim disaster. Plus, there’s something about the crowds huddled on the Washington Mall in their winter coats, watching the president make his solemn oath, that always leaves us feeling something between reverence and wistfulness.

But somewhere deep inside, a fear still lurks: one dark day, Obama will unleash those jeans out of some dusty White House drawer and humiliate himself—and our country—all over again. At BULLETT, we just can’t take that chance. That’s why this week we’re dedicating ourselves to crafting a Presidential shopping list for Obama, Hillary, and beyond. Crisis averted.

Today’s mission? Gear up the POTUS—a known sports fan—to be on top of his game on the court, on the green, and yes, even on the baseball field.

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