Meet the 9 Most Stylish Photographers at New York Fashion Week

Asterio Pelsom, NYC. Freelance. “I like to shoot the lady models”.
Chung Yen, China. “I’m shooting for myself and for friends with websites.” “I like the contrast of color, and the skirts!”
Crystal Nicodemus. Portland, OR. Shooting for Nordtstroms. “We have people shooting inside and out. I’m shooting streetwear, I’m a trend forecaster.”
Dave Markin, NYC. “Freelance, I’m doin’ a lot of stuff for myself”. “I’m just photographing some of these lovely and attractive people.”
Eric Manbeck, Central PA. Freelance. “I come to visit and shoot… The models, the fashion… Just the freakshow of it all. I’m working on a website, hoping to go from amateur to professional real soon.”
Jacob Pritchard, NYC. Shooting for and describes his personal style as “woodsy”.
Lede John, Brooklyn. Shooting for his style blog . “There’s a certain feeling you get from Fashion Week, almost like being adrenalized”.
Mark Luebbers, NYC. Shooting for Faces of NYFW.
Maurizio Mueller, Berlin, Germany. Blogger. “Bigger shows like Hilfiger really impress me, because they’re so extraordinary.”

If you were to walk up to any of the New York Fashion Week events, you’d see a crowd of people gathered out front, cameras at the ready. Everyone from journalists on assignment to standard-issue grumpy paparazzi to hipster bloggers and the merely curious mill about, snapping with abandon anyone they slightly suspect may be “somebody”.  Here’s a sociological cross-section of just a few of these folks.