Emerging Designer: Inside Eckhaus Latta’s Studio


Emerging Designer: Inside Eckhaus Latta’s Studio

Do you wear your own clothes?

LATTA: When we’re developing, our new rule is that we’re not allowed …

ECKHAUS: To wear anything.

LATTA: Because then we go into existential crises.

ECKHAUS: Yeah. And I think it’s a good thing to never put things on, because then it becomes too much about...

BOTH: You.

What’s the process of collaborating like?

ECKHAUS: A lot of talking.

LATTA: Our knitting patterns are paragraphs.

ECKHAUS: We’re constantly talking to each other

LATTA: Like ping-ponging.

LATTA: This is our Michael Kors.

ECKHAUS: We love him.

ECKHAUS: Michael Kors is just so like America. He’s so like this idea of pop culture. "Michael Kors Bondage Nightie," that’s what it’s called.
LATTA: We liken what has happened in the last two seasons as the way an abstract painting gets developed. In terms of one piece or look being a mark and the next being a response to that. So at the end, the whole collection would be a composition.
ECKHAUS: This is transparent leather we developed for Spring 2013.
LATTA: This print is from a picture of John and Yoko Ono laying on their carpet but I removed them. The print is called “John and Yoko Carpet” but no one would know...
ECKHAUS: The shoes were developed in collaboration with Ian Horowitz.

LATTA: He has a background in industrial design and now focuses on shoe design under the label Nanocorp.

ECKHAUS: The shoes from last season were a play on Tevas with the double layered webbing. And these wrapped, not-boots...

LATTA: We’re calling them “faux Timbs.”

ECKHAUS: We like the apparency of the hand in the making. There’s a lot of excitement about holding something up and saying “I made this” or seeing that somebody made this.

LATTA: It’s nice to know, not only a specific provenance, but to know it came...

ECKHAUS: From a real person.


Designer team Eckhaus Latta remind me why it is we make things — because we can, because it’s fun. Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, the duo behind the new upstart label that, along with a couple other young designers, are renewing the promise of New York fashion, recently invited me to their Brooklyn studio. There we talked industry standards, idiomatic vocabularies, process, and Bernadette Corporation. This is what it looked like. Look for more Eckhaus Latta at Milk Made where they’ll be showing for the second time in the upcoming Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week.