February 23, 2012
(Clockwise from top left) Necklace and ring (on neck) <b>Swarovski</b>, Brooklyn nameplate <b>Caja</b>, Blue and orange square bangles <b>Flutter by Jill Golden</b>, Bubble earrings <b>Elephant Heart</b>, Pink and blue watches <b>Nooka</b>, Beaded bracelets <b>Saskia Diez</b>, Red earring (worn as bracelet) <b>Swarovski</b>, Perfume <b>Euphoria by Calvin Klein</b>, Aquamarine ring <David Yurmen</b>, Feather earring <b>Auden</b>, Perfume <b>Miss Dior Cherie by Dior</b>, Rose earring <b>Erickson Beamon</b>, Necklace <b>Ruby Kobo</b>, Skull earring <b>Erickson Beamon</b>, Perfume <b>Daisy by Marc Jacobs</b>
Beaded W necklace <b>Walter Van Beirendonck</b>, Perfume <b>Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs</b>, Cuff <b>Swavorski</b>, Rainbow necklace <b>Ben Amun</b>, Gold earring <b>Daniel Espinosa</b>, Purple cuff bracelet <b>Alexis Bittar</b>, Floral necklace <b>Swarovski</b>, Neon bones necklace <b>Chris Habana</b>, Perfume <b>J'adore by Dior</b>, Green and gold butterfly pin <b>Alexis Bittar</b>, Flower bracelet <b>Swarovski</b>, Lips necklace <b>Elephant Heart</b>, Diamond cross <b>David Yurman</b>, Pearl bracelet <b>Chloe and Isabel</b>, Hair comb <b>Swarovski</b>, Pink watch with purple frame <b>Eleven Eleven</b>, Sunglasses <b>Marc Jacobs</b>
(Clockwise from top left) Necklace and ring (on neck) Swarovski, Brooklyn nameplate Caja, Blue and orange square bangles Flutter by Jill Golden, Bubble earrings Elephant Heart, Pink and blue watches Nooka, Beaded bracelets Saskia Diez, Red earring (worn as bracelet) Swarovski, Perfume Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Aquamarine ring , Feather earring Auden, Perfume Miss Dior Cherie by Dior, Rose earring Erickson Beamon, Necklace Ruby Kobo, Skull earring Erickson Beamon, Perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Beaded W necklace Walter Van Beirendonck, Perfume Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs, Cuff Swavorski, Rainbow necklace Ben Amun, Gold earring Daniel Espinosa, Purple cuff bracelet Alexis Bittar, Floral necklace Swarovski, Neon bones necklace Chris Habana, Perfume J'adore by Dior, Green and gold butterfly pin Alexis Bittar, Flower bracelet Swarovski, Lips necklace Elephant Heart, Diamond cross David Yurman, Pearl bracelet Chloe and Isabel, Hair comb Swarovski, Pink watch with purple frame Eleven Eleven, Sunglasses Marc Jacobs

Stylist Julia Ragolia 

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Photography by Graeme Montgomery

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