February 1, 2013
Photographer: Hugo ArturiCreative Director: Erin WahedStylist: Stella MetznerMakeup: Tiffany PattonHair: Jakob SherwoodModels: Joshua Kissi & Heather Sands
Photographer: Hugo Arturi Creative Director: Erin Wahed Stylist: Stella Metzner Makeup: Tiffany Patton Hair: Jakob Sherwood Models: Joshua Kissi & Heather Sands

Bande Des Quatres, the clean cut Montreal-based jewelry line that originated the “Is it pierced? Is it floating?” ring, offers up its newest collection titled: Photographers. Each piece is named for a favorite abstract photographer of Bande Des Quatre’s founder and designer Erin Wahed.

“People ask me what inspires me. I am into different designers, but for me it’s all about artists and art, that’s always been my inspiration,” says Wahed, who co-designs the collection along with her mother, renowned jewelry designer Janis Kerman. Prior to her unplanned career as a jewelry designer, Wahed had studied photography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Now, for the their newest collection, the duo has produced their first earrings. In keeping with the illusory theme that brought the line recognition from the start, the end product comes in two or three interchangeable and composite parts.

“Typically the earring goes through the ear. It’s one piece and it just sits there, but I wanted, like my design of the Van der Rohe from the very beginning, to create that similar illusion with an earring. And so depending on how you wear them, front or behind, they look like they’re going through the ear,” Wahed adds.

“Photographers’” accompanying editorial is a composition of diptychs—chiaroscuro images of the studio-shot collection printed in dialogue with photographs of Manhattan’s Financial District, all abstract. Naturally.

For more on Erin Wahed see her twitter here and instagram here.

Photographer: Hugo Arturi
Creative Director: Erin Wahed
Stylist: Stella Metzner

Photography by Hugo Arturi

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