MEET Sita: Rihanna’s Blonde ‘BBHMM’ Hench(wo)man


MEET Sita: Rihanna’s Blonde ‘BBHMM’ Hench(wo)man


Rihanna’s bloody “BBHMM” music video premiered over the weekend, inevitably sending the Internet into an excited frenzy. While RiRi (obviously) looked really, really good, we couldn’t help but salivate over her two mysterious hench(wo)men, both of whom were cast directly off Instagram.

There’s Sanam, the unassuming Seattle native who’s “hella normal” and works at a plant shop, and there’s model/DJ Sita Abellan, who’s known for her killer style and massive social media following. We briefly caught up with Abellan to discuss working with RiRi, DJing and graduating in Public Relations.

How did you get involved with the “BBHMM” music video? 

“Everything happened so quickly; she noticed me on Instagram and got her reps to reach out to my agency Wilhelmina ( New York). At first, my agent was under the impression they asked for a package of models, but later found out RiRi specifically wanted to cast me for the part. I was absolutely blown away. I spent the whole day trying to put everything together and by end of day, I was confirmed for the part and flew to LA the next day. Once in LA, I met the team, ran through wardrobe and got briefed on what we were doing; the whole experience was mind-blowing.”

How was it working with Rihanna?

“It was an absolute pleasure and honor to be featured in the video The great thing was that we didn’t feel out of place around RiRi. She made me feel very comfortable, which helped me to perform my best. She’s really real, believe me. RiRi hung with us during breaks of shooting. I’ve learned a lot from the short experience; watching a professional like she is take control is very inspirational.”

You have a great sense of style. What’s your take on fashion? 

“I love fashion. More than having big designers names, I’m more into the construction of garments and how things are put together—finishes and fabrics. I would say l have an eye for detail. I came across Mimi Wade and Taylor Ross, who are new designers, and l really like what they’re doing.”

And your passion for music? 

“Music is so powerful; it easily enhances your mood. I listen to a variety, depending on my mood. I also DJ at events as a way of expressing my passion. Come to one of my sets and I’m sure you’d be up for a dance.”

How was it graduating with a Public Relations BA?

“It was such a relief; simple because l was doing everything while studying at the same time. At one point, l got worried about juggling both modeling and studying, but l managed to do well and get good grades.”

You travel a lot for work. What is your favorite city, right now?

“I love New York , New York.”