The 9 Sassiest Quotes From Kate Moss’ Nick Knight Interview


The 9 Sassiest Quotes From Kate Moss’ Nick Knight Interview


Via Styleite

In case you had any doubts about whether Kate Moss is still the baddest bitch in the game, this interview with her longtime friend and collaborator Nick Knight should put a rest to such hesitations. And if you’re also one of those people who keeps forgetting that Kate still sounds like a 19-year-old Croydon kid—albeit one with a nasty smoking habit—that makes the sass of her quotes all the more palpable.

The interview centers on the Calvin Klein “Obsession” ads Kate shot with her then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti, however it also touches upon her subsequent fame, what it’s like to have your face on a bus and WTH is up with stretch limos. Here are the nine most Kate Moss quotes:

1. On shooting the Calvin Klein Obsession ads on a romantic vacation with her photographer BF Mario Sorrenti, and hating pretty much every second of it:

“It was an obsession… I’d wake up in the morning and he’d be taking pictures of me and I’d be like ‘FUCK OFF!’”

2. On finally getting the damn shot:

“I laid like that for 10 days… he’s Italian, so he’d be like ‘LAY DOWN! I’ll tell you when –‘ Ughh, whatever.”

3. On more of their romantic getaway:

“He’d be like, ‘Get up on the roof and take your clothes off,’ and I’d be like ‘Fuck off!’”

4. On her subsequent success:

“They started sending limos for me, and I’d be like, ‘that is so embarrassing, I’m not getting in a stretch limo by myself to go to a shoot, I mean what is wrong — ‘ it was all that New York kind of, ‘Oh no you’re fabulous! Turn up to a Meisel shoot and look fabulous!’ I was wearing trainers and a ripped Margiela skirt.”

5. On getting used to the #blessed life:

“I did settle into it! Then I made friends and Naomi and Christy took me under their wing. I was young, but I had friends, so I didn’t feel so much like I’m sitting on my own in a big stretch limo. They all had stretch limos so I didn’t feel so uncomfortable. We all drove together after that.”

6. On the infamous supersonic passenger jet The Conchorde:

Love The Conchorde. Because I’d stay up too late, and I’d be like, ‘I don’t want to go tonight, I’ll go in the morning.’ So I’d go in the morning and still get to work on time. [Cackles.]”

7. On whether it’s hard to be humble when your face is plastered on the back of a bus:

“No, because I’m from Croydon. And if you get above your station then somebody will fucking knock you down.”

8. On people who put on airs and graces:

“I think they look like c*nts.”

9. On tabloid rumors:

“When I see people are writing shit about me, I don’t care, because the people that know me know it’s not true. Whoever else reads it — I don’t care anyway. [Lights cigarette]”

She also manages to sass Kerry Katona and Katie Price while also complimenting them maybe I think?

Watch the full interview below: