HRO’s Carles Returns With ‘Nothing Matters’


HRO’s Carles Returns With ‘Nothing Matters’


Earlier this week we noticed that HipsterRunnoff, the most significant achievement in cultural criticism of the 21st century, was being put up on the auction block on the site Flippa. (RIP 2 the scene.) Despite the fact that the site hasn’t been updated in over a year, it is apparently still doing decent traffic. Hoping to capitalize on this zombie buzz, Carles, the voice behind the site, is offering to sell of what’s left of the once proud brand. At the moment the bidding is at $11,000, which hasn’t yet met the desired reserve price. As he writes on the site:

Have u ever wanted 2 own ur own online media company with opportunity for growth, power, and money? Do you want to influence culture? Do u want access 2 an audience of ToTaLLY authentic CoNSuMeRs who spend money on technology, recreation, and fun?

I reached out to Carles to ask him about his decision to sell now, and what he’s been up to in the interim, and while he seemed up for answering questions at first, he’s yet to respond. Perhaps because he was busy getting ready to launch Nothing Matters, an ebook, on

The piece is a typically trenchant and defiant examination of what he learned toiling for years in the content mines. “For a while I thought that ‘the internet’ was a ‘new medium’ that would ‘change media’ and materially alter ‘the universal message,'” he writes.

Like the best of HRO, it’s also ultimately sad. The internet didn’t change anything, he reminds us, it just shifted the emptiness into a different set of boxes. “There is nothing there,” he concludes.

There are words, pictures, videos. There are buttons 2 share.

But I feel like I can’t be found.

I cannot be found on the internet.

I can no longer find myself on the internet.

I still haven’t found what I’m clicking 4 – Bono

This being the internet, naturally, I came here to transform Carles’ dissatisfaction into my own potential, minor, fleeting, irrelevant gain, by posting about it on a blog that pays me money to distract you people. I haven’t learned anything.

Read the whole thing here. Miss u sometimes Carles bb. Miss everybody.