Camilla Skovgaard Invites You to Room 77 at The Hole

If Camilla Skovgaard’s shoes could speak, they would say ‘fuck you’. The Betty Friedan of footwear, this Denmark-born, Dubai-based designer makes strong, transgressive shoes for women who, as she put it, “like to wear a heel, but on their own terms.” … Continued

Calvin Klein Is Coming to Macy’s

Calvin Klein honcho Francisco Costa once said that he designs for women who are “mature and intellectual…the kind of woman who wants to be on top. She has a fresh, young approach, but she’s very sophisticated. She’s collected. She’s smart. … Continued

Hello Kitty Is Staging a Comeback

If you’re on Instagram and follow young girls (that came out wrong), you might have noticed a revival of sorts. Hello Kitty, that once ubiquitous Japanese mascot, is having another moment. Produced by Sanrio, and originally designed by Yuko Shimizu, … Continued

Hot New App: Trendabl Lets You Show Off Your Style

Not that fashion hounds need another excuse to show off their obsessions online, but they’re getting one anyway. A new interactive iPhone app was launched yesterday called Trendabl, which runs along near identical lines to Instagram, except users can share … Continued

The CFDA Launches Its Campaign Against Counterfeit Goods

The CFDA, long known for their support of designer’s intellectual property protection, has teamed up with eBay once again to protest counterfeit merchandise through their “You Can’t Fake Fashion” campaign, which goes on sale tomorrow. A whopping 75 iconic American designers … Continued

The CFDA Finally Recognizes New Media

Garance Doré and Scott Shuman are like the fashion world’s Brangelina, minus the menagerie of adopted children and sordid relationship beginnings, oh wait. (Come to think of it, why hasn’t anyone made a nickname for them? Garman? Dorman?!) And with the Council … Continued

Chanel Apologizes for Maybe Copying Pamela Love

When it comes to copyright infringement in the fashion industry, the culprits are usually mega chains in the Forever 21 and Topshop vein, who sneakily try and pass off high-end designs as their own.  It’s rare, however, for a luxury brand to knock-off the design … Continued