Eulogy by Noah Wunsch

The moment I picked up BULLETT, I knew I wanted to work there. I remember going home with it and reading every single article. Every. Single. One. Each highlighting a future star in there “on the brink” phase. In many … Continued

BULLETT Video Premiere: MINKS’ “Margot”

During production for MINKS’ sophomore album, Tides End’s, producer Mark Verbos let Sonny Kilfoyle listen to four categories of music: Seal, Enigma, Simply Red, and early Chicago house music. That’s a pretty brilliant little cocktail. What came from it is an … Continued

The Enigmatic James Ferraro Releases ‘Cold’

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around James Ferraro ever since I heard his 2011 release, Far Side of Virtual. Its songs represented millennial nostalgia for things like Nokia ringtones and Teen Wolf (Michael J. Fox, not Tyler Posey). It sounded like … Continued