Anna Wintour Ditches LFW for the Oscars

Looks like Anna Wintour got caught skipping fashion week. Instead of taking a flight to London’s Fashion Week post-Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 runway show the ice queen ditch the fashion crowd for celebs at the 87th Academy Awards. While Miranda … Continued

5 Films: Paul Dano Looks Back on His Key Roles

Most young actors can’t go toe-to-toe with Daniel Day-Lewis, but Paul Dano isn’t like most young actors. Ever since his breakout as a troubled teen in L.I.E., the gangly Brooklynite has crafted a solid résumé with a slew of individual performances in … Continued

Five Movies That Dominated the Cannes Conversation

With Lars von Trier off cooking up his next controversy, the 65th Cannes Film Festival was comparatively mellow to last year, when the Danish rabble-rouser revealed his fondness for Nazis (tongue firmly in cheek, of course) to the collectively shocked … Continued