Zara Apologizes For Selling Concentration Camp Shirt

Zara has come under fire from critics this week who’ve pointed out that a recent item for sale on the international clothing retailer’s websites too closely resembles uniforms worn by Jews in German concentration camps. The “Sheriff” t-shirts were meant … Continued

‘Full House’ Reboot Rumored to Be In the Works

“According to sources”, Variety reports, a “Full House” remake/reboot/revival/reanimated corpse-type scenario could be in the works. Maybe! Maybe not, but also maybe. “While nothing is set in stone,” they write (including life as we know it), “there’s been talks at … Continued

Premiere: TWICEYOUNG’s Lovelorn ‘Uncover’

“I’m tired of letting you go when you move under cover,” goes the hook to “Uncover” from Nashville’s TWICEYOUNG. It’s a sentiment that will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever, you know, existed. The song, from their Prefer You EP … Continued