Leonard Nimoy Has Died at 83

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his iconic role as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, has died. His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, the New York Times reports. He was 83 years old.

11 Wesleyan Students Reportedly Overdose On Molly

At least 11 students on the campus of the Middletown, Connecticut university Wesleyan have been hospitalized for symptoms that appear to be consistent with an overdose on molly, multiple reports indicate. Two of the students were in critical condition late … Continued

EMO NIGHT: Tonight in Boston

Music detectives may not have ever closed the case on whether or not the #emorevival was real or not (it was!), or whether it was all a marketing ploy cooked up by Big Nostalgia to, uh, not sure what. I … Continued

UK Krispy Kreme Store Cancels KKK Wednesdays

A branch of the donut and hooded vigilante justice emporium Krispy Kreme in the UK has canceled in upcoming promotion after they realized that it may not have been advertising the type of message they’d intended. Krispy Kreme's KKK Wednesday is … Continued