How Much Do You Want this ‘Dirty Dancing’ Cake?

The Dirty Dancing remake is, apparently, still a thing that’s actually happening, because why wouldn’t it be, and the cast is looking absolutely bonkers, as in bonkers-good, and also bonkers-bonkers. Tapped to star in the ABC production are Abigail Breslin as … Continued

Hate Read This Story About Coachella MILFs

For anyone who is currently experiencing Coachella FOMO, this New York Post story has arrived just in time to remind you why you are glad you didn’t go. Its subject is moms who “spend thousands on cosmetic surgery to get … Continued

Buy This ‘Defend Girls Not Pop Punk’ T-Shirt

This week video surfaced from a performance by punk band Story So Far in Toronto, in which the singer, Parker Cannon, violently kicked a young fan off of the stage. The response online so far has been overwhelmingly critical, with many pointing … Continued

St. Vincent to Write and Direct Horror Film

Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, the ethereal being of pure light and goodness briefly descended upon the planet to distract humans, however briefly, from the icy void of existence, is working on a feature film. The film, which … Continued

The Best Soups, Corrected

The Awl is a very fine and good website that we enjoy reading regularly. Occasionally they do something very, very bad, like this list today of the best soups ranked in order. Aside from putting chicken and gumbo near the … Continued