Everything Is Perfect

If everything is perfect, then everything is shit, QED. Herewith a mere, piddling fraction of the things deemed perfect by but two popular internet concers in the past year. I could have gone on forever. It’s a pretty perfect illustration … Continued

New Startup Is Like Uber For Your Gross Vagina

Vaginas are disgusting, this much is self-evident. But unlike with men, whose rancid, dried-cum-and-sweat-sodden crotches are a sign of strength and virility, when a woman leaves the house without first fire-hosing down her pussy with a torrent of lavender-infused aromatics … Continued

The 2015 Pirelli Calendar Is Here! (NSFW)

The annual ritual in which an Italian company reminds us to buy their tires by getting beautiful women to pose naked, and websites the world over use those photos to tempt you to click on their site has arrived with … Continued

Condé Nast Agrees to Pay $5.8m to Former Interns

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that, in order to make it in the high stakes world of magazine publishing, the neophyte has to get one’s start with an internship. In this way the young person who can somehow afford to spend a semester … Continued

Lumbersexual Is Not a Thing

There’s a dumb new word being used on the dumb internet that’s meant to describe a new trend in male fashion: Lumbersexual. You probably saw it mentioned on The Guardian, or The Daily Beast, or Jezebel, or Buzzfeed (Introducing The Hot New … Continued