Kurt Vile on How He’s Gone ‘Abstractly Cowboy’

If you’re a fan of classic rock legends like Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young, then you should listen to Kurt Vile. The Philadelphia native first made waves with 2008’s “Constant Hitmaker,” a cleverly named collection of folksy, lo-fi bedroom … Continued

Matthew Stone at The Hole Gallery

Matthew Stone, the London-based artist and party monster, opened a multimedia show earlier this month at The Hole on New York’s Bowery. The two-part eponymous exhibition was comprised of the visual series “Optimism as Cultural Rebellion” followed by the film-based … Continued

Dirty Beaches Comes Clean

Born in Taiwan, where he lived until moving to North America at the age of 8, Alex Zhang Hungtai, better known by his stage name Dirty Beaches, has since drifted everywhere from Honolulu and Vancouver to, most recently, Montreal. On … Continued

Marco van Rijt’s Girls Will Be Boys

We could sing androgyny’s praises for days—boys with gravity-defying cheekbones, girls in their boyfriends’ trousers—but why bother when photographer Marco van Rijt has so expertly turned up the heat on menswear-as-womenswear without uttering a single word? The Amsterdam-based photographer focuses his … Continued