Nothing is Culturally Sacred

“Appropriation” was 2014’s buzzword. The word means taking without permission. In this case, much of the appropriating (the “inspired by” and “borrowing from” in brand-speak) is from black and Latino cultures. “Appropriation” has been most notable in music’s ever-blurry genres … Continued

Govales New Track ‘Doors to Nowhere’

R&B newcomer Govales’ penchant for hypnotic R&B tunes shines through on his latest cut, “Doors To Nowhere.” Serving as the lead-track in Spike Lee’s trailer for upcoming thriller Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, the guitar-driven piece symbolizes a balance within … Continued

Premier: Chicago’s M&O Cover ‘Hey Ya’

Chi-town duo M&O, formerly known as Milo & Otis, gift BULLETT with an in-studio cover of Andre 3000’s Outkast classic “Hey Ya.” The two make the song their own by swapping Three Stack’s energized sound for bluesy, island-infused production. Vocalist … Continued