Deniro Farrar: Cult Rapper, Cult Leader

In the midst of the swaggy, crotch-grabbing culture of hip-hop in 2014, Deniro Farrar remains a humble guy. As he pieced together the final bits of his major label debut EP Rebirth (dropping May 20th), he invited some guests to … Continued

Alexa Demie Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Google Alexa Demie and some of the first things you’re likely to encounter are click-baiting blog posts trumpeting “The 20 hottest pics of Alexa Demie.” That’s because yes, Demie is a stunner who, until now, has been most visible for … Continued

Meet Niko the Ikon, Artist, Singer, Seducer, Winner

Niko Karamayan hit his stride last year when he, along with his collaborator Tierney Finster, won the coveted and much-discussed DIScrit 89plus challenge. His prize, awarded by DIS magazine and 89plus—a global research initiative dedicated to discovering creatives born in … Continued

Woodkid: Radio Can’t Kill the Video Star

A star in his native France, Yoann Lemoine is lesser known in America, despite frequent collaborations with some of its most visible icons. Until recently, the 30-year-old’s habitat was behind the camera, directing music videos for supernova pop stars like … Continued