Pamela Love’s Fashion Week Diary

Jewelry designer Pamela Love started her eponymous brand in 2007, drawing inspiration from “nature, music and magic.” Sometimes abrasive, but never abashed, her tough-girl baubles are beloved by editors and industry pals, alike. With a penchant for slashed jeans, texture-rich ponytails, … Continued

K.C.D Beefs Up Digital Authority

In an industry where intentional press is often eclipsed by online tabloid fodder, KCD is beefing up its digital authority. As recently as a couple years ago, the benefit of having an agency represent your brand was pretty simple: showroom … Continued

The Creed of Kreayshawn

Everything from her ridiculously spelled moniker (a play on the word “creation”) to the insipidly catchy “Gucci Gucci” suggests Kreayshawn (born Natassia Zolot) is a one-hit wonder. But before we eject her from the pop culture lexicon entirely, check out … Continued

Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s ‘Star’ Power

While there are many methods of attracting attention to an under-the-radar brand, one surefire way is to recruit a Roitfeld. Enter Kit Willow, who enlisted Julia Restoin Roitfeld to art direct the look book for her forthcoming spring collection, ‘Future … Continued

Chanel’s Shakur

Interview has resurrected an illustration of Tupac from the magazine’s February 1997 ‘Most Wanted’ issue, drawn by none other than Chanel’s enigmatic Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld. Alongside up-and-comers and established talent alike (read: Ani DiFranco, Jeff Koons and Marlon Brando), the 25-year-old … Continued

Lana Del Rey’s Stolen Halo

It’s pretty much accepted that trendy Lana Del Rey (née Lizzy Grant) is somewhat of an invented entity. She herself admits that the title “gangster Nancy Sinatra” is make believe: “I had a bunch of things on my page, that … Continued

Fashion’s Arrested Development

I have already written about 14-year-old fashion plate Chloë Moretz and the 15-year-old wunderkind Tavi Gevinson, but Taylor Swift’s February cover of Vogue makes it official: as far as fashion is concerned, youth is no longer wasted on the young. Sure, Taylor Swift … Continued

Did Chloë Moretz ‘Rent the Runway?’

At last night’s People’s Choice Awards, there were a lot of familiar silhouettes: Jennifer Lawrence, who recently tinted her hair auburn, wore a cobalt version of the swirly mesh Viktor & Rolf dress Jessica Chastain wore last month; Kristen Bell … Continued

The Agyness and the Ecstasy

After the first photo surfaced of Agyness Deyn playing a stripper in the upcoming Pusher, a remake of Nicolas Winding Refn’s 1996 cult classic of the same name, critics criticized the star’s, ahem, body of work. But as far as she’s concerned, … Continued

Tavi Gevinson’s Site ‘Rookie’ is Anything But

After the media blitz of 2010, in which industry opinion oscillated from adoration to slow-burning hatred, Tavi could have very easily tumbled back into obscurity. However, by sticking to her guns and focusing on her passion project—Rookie, an online magazine … Continued

Are Model Trademarks ‘Dangerous’?

“I find that trademark looks can be dangerous for a model because they can end up as a fleeting trend,” Vogue’s booking editor, Valerie Boster tells BULLETT. Boster, whose job it is to cast fashion editorials for the glossy, says having … Continued

Fashion’s Far East Movement

Talk about a trend! Everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Nicole Richie to up-and-coming jewelers are seeking inspiration from India. Sometimes, it’s not about the destination, but rather the journey. “It’s much more inspiring not to go to places than to go,” … Continued

The Season’s Newest It ‘Girls’

The last time HBO attempted a snapshot of living single in New York, the ladies were in their late 30’s (40’s?) and represented a generation who moved to the Big Apple to escape small town life. This time around, with … Continued

The Anatomy of an Aniston

Jennifer Aniston will be 43 years old next month, but with her tawny mane, sinewy limbs, and enviable allover hot body, she’s managed to make the world forget she was ever a “dumpy teen.” (Her words, not ours.) So as you … Continued

Actress Jennifer Missoni’s Mutiny

Much less conspicuous than Missoni’s trademark technicolors is sinewy heiress Jennifer Missoni, who says she has no interest in working for the brand founded by her grandparents. “It was never something I was passionate about,” she tells Daily Front Row. “Acting has always been … Continued